Sword Art Online – The Return of Hyungsook Lee

In an in-depth interview with Dengeki Online, Sword Art Online 안전토토사이트 producer Yousuke Futamachi spoke about the possibility of an international release of Sword Art Online. Futamachi said that they are still in talks with localization companies to negotiate on the possibility of an English version of SAO. He also revealed that localization is part of their plans even before the game’s release. Below is an edited translation of the interview.

How long did it take to make a successful Japanese version of SAO? “It took us three years before we were able to launch the Japanese version. I believe it took us about two years just to make the alpha version and another year or so before releasing it in the market. Since it is an MMORPG, it will require a lot of optimizing and balancing so I would say it is already enough time.”

Is there an opportunity for an international release of the Japanese sword art online? “I don’t think so. There are no. If there will be demand for an international release of SAO in the future, I am pretty sure that it will be released on iOS, Android, and other mobile devices sooner rather than later. Right now, there are no.

What is the story of SAO and its fight against the evil dark guild, the Order of the Stick? “The story of SAO is about a young boy named Yuusuke Tozawa who finds himself trapped in a fantasy world. He has been given a mysterious hollow fragment and told that within the fragment is the key to save his life. He is accompanied by a young woman called Rin Tainaka and they join the Order of the Stick in order to investigate the mysterious lost song that contains the power to break the barrier between our world and the other worlds. They also meet Hyungsook Hong, who is the main investigator of the case. The whole series is about the journey of the three as they learn more about each other, their pasts, and of course about the mystery behind the lost song.”

One of the most anticipated and awaited game of the year are the PS4 version of the Sword Art Online. Is it going to disappoint or surprise the audiences as the game was released in April this year? Well, I’ll have to wait and see because in my personal opinion the game is not going to disappoint. For those of you who loved the beta version, you will definitely enjoy playing the full version.

This is the first game in the new series of sword art online games and it is definitely going to be a hit in Japan and other parts of the world. I am not too sure if the PC version will get the same reception as the beta did, but judging by the trailer for the full game, I would say that the Reformation is definitely on its way! Although the release date for the Japanese version has not yet been confirmed, I have a feeling it will arrive before the end of the year. No matter what happens, I am very happy with the new game, and I am looking forward to play the rest of the season! There are a lot of quality games out there, so I am not going to wait for more Sword Art Online news to arrive before I start to play them!

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