Charlotte Hu

Charlotte Hu

Assistant Technology Editor

Charlotte is the assistant technology editor at Popular Science. She’s interested in understanding how our relationship with technology is changing, and how we live online.


  • Fascinated by systems small and large, from the chain of chemical reactions that power our cells to the tangle of wires and waves that power our internet. 
  • Has reported on neuroscience, cancer biology, aging, drugs, hospitals and healthcare systems, biotechnology startups, computers, internet culture, data science, social media, and robots. 
  • Trained in photojournalism, portrait photography, Adobe Premiere and Lightroom. 


Charlotte joined Popular Science as Assistant Technology Editor in 2021. Along with general tech news, she covers stories about the social internet, robots, AI, privacy, security, human-machine interactions, and the digital economy. Before PopSci, Charlotte covered science for Discover Magazine, and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry for GenomeWeb and Business Insider.


Charlotte has a master’s degree in science writing from Columbia Journalism School. She got her bachelor’s at Northwestern University, where she double majored in cell biology/physiology and magazine journalism.

Favorite weird science fact

Crabs have a highly coveted body shape among underwater critters, so much that un-crab-like crustaceans have evolved into a crab form at least five separate times.

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