Billy Cadden

Billy Cadden

Senior Director of Commerce

Billy Cadden is the Senior Director of Commerce for the science, tech, and outdoor group at Recurrent. He began working as the Commerce Editor at PopSci in 2017, where he spent 5 years diving deep into every product he could get his hands on. Cadden splits his time between Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, and Woodstock with his dog Wanda. He spends his time seeking new coffee shops and writing for his solo music project


  • Commerce Editor at PopSci since 2017 where I spent my time testing gear and installing every bidet I could get my hands on
  • Ever fascinated with all things tech, he’s PopSci’s in-house expert on weird household appliances
  • Writer of PopSci’s podcast theme songs
  • Background in film and music production
  • Capitol Records signed recording artist, drummer, and songwriter
  • Performed at music festivals including Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza 



As the Commerce Editor at PopSci, Cadden had the freedom to test a wide range of products from air purifiers to gaming laptops to smart home gadgets. While he considers himself a general product enthusiast, music audio gear tops the list—he loves getting his hands on tech that can change the way music is created. Cadden was signed to Capitol Records with his band The Postelles, played on a number of nationwide tours, and released two full-length albums with the project. Since the band broke up, he’s continued as a songwriter, drummer, and recording artist testing out new recording gear and instruments along the way.


Cadden has earned all of his undergrad and graduate degrees at the New School in Manhattan. He has a B.A. in Culture and Media, an M.A. in Media Studies, and is completing an M.S. in Media Management.

Fun Fact/Tip/Anecdote/Favorite Product

Listening to music can affect how we read facial expressions.

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