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There are plenty of reasons to celebrate dads, or granddads, this Father’s Day: Where would the field of meteorology stand without dads looking out the window, putting their hands on their hips, and exclaiming, “Sure is coming down hard” whenever it rains or snows? Who else pours hours into creating a pristine, luxurious lawn or beefing with the neighbors over tree limbs and property lines? Without dads, society would not have an encyclopedias-worth of corny jokes and a reason to go to therapy. Truly tasteless jokes and trauma aside, here are our recommendations for gifts he’ll actually use, which will make his life easier, light up his face with a smile, or both.

How to shop for the best Father’s Day gifts

Mark your calendars: Father’s Day 2023 is Sunday, June 18, so there’s still time to secure a great present if you order something quick! And while the options may be overwhelming, never fear; there’s something for everyone, and we’re here to help with enough recommendations to suit anyone. You can help fuel your dad’s current interests or get him a gift that sparks a new one. Here are our picks for some of the best Father’s Day gifts:

For the outdoorsy dad: Rux Waterproof Bag



From hitting the waves to hitting the slopes, outdoorsy dads need something that will carry all of their (for lack of a better term) crap. Other bags and backpacks crumble when stuffed with hiking shoes, an insulated water bottle, and a few beers—not the Rux Waterproof Bag. This packable, durable bag is waterproof (as the name suggests) and built to last, and comes with a lifetime warranty if it falters before that. It’s seamless, radio frequency-welded (read: made with magnets), and has 360-degree lash points that make it attachable to almost everything. It also rocks as a grocery bag—score! 

Best kitchen upgrade: Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer



Regardless of whether your dad is getting into Keto or is a strict pescatarian, a meat thermometer is a must-have kitchen device. No one wants to develop a case of food nasties from an undercooked cut of meat in their own home! The Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer requires no wires, thanks to a Bluetooth connection. Dad won’t even need to stand like a hawk over the grill or oven—the thermometer, with a coordinating app for iPhone and Android, sends notifications when it’s time to flip the food, reduce the heat, when it’s done cooking, and how long to let it rest. There are even presets to completely take the guesswork out of getting the perfect medium rare doneness—no “Dirty Work” here. 

For the coffee lover: Bruvi Bundle



So your dad got a “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” mug in Father’s Day past? Give Pops a better coffee system this year with the Bruvi Bundle. The bundle comes with a Bruvi BV-01 coffee brewer, a variety pack of biodegradable 20 B-Pods, a water filter, and a reusable Japanese Knot Bag. The optional mobile app will let Daddio brew a cup of Joe remotely, schedule brews in advance, re-order B-Pods, and access a personal consumption dashboard if they’re super specific about their morning cuppa. It can even fit a 6.5-inch travel mug—we recommend the Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Reusable Mug on that front. 

Best instant coffee: Cometeer



Take the hassle out of your dad’s morning routine, whether he’s gearing up to deal with blistering heat or numbing cold. We’ve wanted to try Cometeer since it popped up on the ole Instagram feed, and we’re glad we finally did. The flash-frozen, recyclable brew capsules produced a more balanced and complex cup than most bland instant coffees and are insanely easy to make. Toss a pod or two in a glass of liquid (hot or cold) and you’re ready to go. We threw two pods into a to-go container with about 14 ounces of water and ice, shook, and it was ready to drink. Cometeer grinds the beans at their freshest, brews the coffee into a 10x concentrate, and then uses a nitrogen shower to capture its peak flavor before shipping it to your door. And you can customize the roast and delivery preferences. If you’re looking to gift an elevated quick fix in the morning, a Cometeer subscription is the way to go. It became one of our favorite coffee gifts instantly (appropriately).

For the wine lover: Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand-Blown Decanter



Enjoying a bottle of wine is all fun and games until a few glasses warrant a hangover the next day. Help prevent them with the Ullo Wine Purifier, which uses a selective filtration system to remove sulfites and reduce the histamines that can cause headaches and hangovers—all while preserving the wine’s flavors and aromas. A built-in aeration dial lets you choose the amount of air to incorporate, from off for light whites to full air for rich red varietals—perfect for those big, bold, leathery wines that go so well with the perfectly marbled steaks a grill-loving dad obsesses over. And the decanter offers the opportunity for a slow ox and a nice controlled pour.

Best for dads who love a subscription box: Sampl Summer ’23 Gift Box



Is your dad curious about wine but doesn’t know the difference between Syrah and Malbec? He’s not alone. If you’ve ever walked into a wine store and felt overwhelmed by the selection, take heart, it’s a weekly occurrence for me. I’m a dog dad—I know, not the same—but sometimes her occasional romp and roll through a pile of deer poop sends me straight to a glass or two of vino to relax. While she’s in the dog house, I opt for a random bottle based on an interesting design rather than Wine Spectator ratings. If your dad is like me and doesn’t want to encounter the same taste bottle after bottle, get him some expert help. California-based Sampl’s wine subscription service delivers a one-time shipment of seven small-production, 100-milliliter test tubes of wine for his tasting pleasure. Or you can set it to auto-deliver every three months. Treat him to their Summer ’23 gift set, which features vino from Paso Robles, California, known as the “wild west” of wine country.

For the stressed-out dad: Onyx + Rose Feelin’ Good Gummies

Onyx + Rose


Does your dad need something a bit stronger than CBD? Have you recently learned they were a grass enthusiast back in the day? The Onyx + Rose Feelin’ Good Gummies use HHC, an isomer (minor chemical variant) of Delta-9 THC (the illegal stuff). This provides a similar head and body high to the federally regulated stuff, all while following federal regulations. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, THCs (tetrahydrocannabinols) in hemp are legal provided they have a THC concentration less than .3%—these gummies meet those requirements. Pass if dad is subject to random drug screening. If they’re not, we’re partial to the peach flavor.  We also love CBD prerolls from aptly named company Dad Grass.

Best for beardy dads: Bevel Beard Trimmer for Men



An electric razor is a gift your dad will actually use every day, and this one from Bevel may actually help encourage him to dedicate a little more time to his morning routine. The razor offers pinpoint precision, so he can get the exact shave he wants, and a grippy handle that makes it easy to hold with wet hands. Its battery lasts up to eight hours, so he can use it for several weeks (or one if he’s very particular about his facial hair) without charging it. This is the type of gift your dad doesn’t know he needs, but will really appreciate.

For the WFH dad: Lillipad 42 Standing Desk

Jen McCaffrey


Home offices can easily become a mess of monitors, coffee cups, keyboards, and tangled cords. But if the dad in your life would appreciate an organized workspace that also empowers them to get out of their office chair, the Lillipad Work Station fits the bill. This electric desk is available in two versions that rise from 6 inches to either a 42- or 48-inch standing height (recommended for people 5’9” and taller). At 67 pounds and 72 pounds each, and with metal legs, these desks are more substantial than many other options on the market but are designed with wheels for portability. 

Advanced functionality doesn’t equal advanced set-up in this case: The Lillipad comes fully assembled out of the box. Dad can plug it in, unlock the safety lock, and use the buttons on the right corner of the desk to raise and lower it to the ideal height for a chair or standing. The 46-inch-wide workspace provides plenty of room for desktops and keyboards, and you can purchase either a single monitor or dual-monitor stand separately. The workstation also features three outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port, so dad can plug everything in and charge their devices. And when he’s done for the day, they can easily lower it back down and use the wheels to slide it away for storage. Add a Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad to add some soft style to their workstation.

Work from the backyard: Netgear Orbi 960 Black Edition



Give your dad a chance to brag about their router. Netgear’s Orbi 960 Mesh Wi-Fi kit can cover up to 9,000 square feet with super-fast connectivity up to 10.8Gbps. That means anyone and everyone can take meetings or stream content in the backyard, front yard, basement, or just about anywhere else he can think of. Wi-Fi 6E technology and Netgear’s quad-band design allow for an absurd number of devices to connect to your local network without bogging everything down. The Black Edition is only available directly through Netgear’s own online shop, which also gets you a free year of the Netgear Armor security tech. It’s advanced enough to do anything a dad needs and reliable enough that you won’t have to play tech support whenever you go to their house.

Best for movie-loving dads: Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Projector



Movies and TV shows can look great on a TV, but nothing beats watching them on a projector, which offers a true movie theater-like experience. Dangbei’s Mars Pro 4K is among the best we’ve tested, offering exceptional visual clarity, color, and surprisingly good sound. It runs Android, which means dad can stream their favorite media without any additional accessories. That said, the Mars Pro 4K has multiple HDMI ports, making it easy to easily connect game consoles and other peripherals. It’s luxe, but Dangbei’s Mars Pro 4K will ensure they have the best home theater system on the block.

Best for dads who love vinyl: Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable



Does Dad go on and on about how much he wishes he could play his Steely Dan albums while explaining that Pretzel Logic is superior to Can’t Buy A Thrill? If so, let him relive his glory days with Victrola’s Stream Onyx Turntable. The sleek-looking, belt-driven deck has RCA outputs so that it can be connected to a traditional home audio system, but its luxe allure is support for wireless audio streaming to Sonos speakers. The record player even offers the option to play music through multiple sources at the same time. Best of all, the Stream Onyx is easy to assemble and operate, as we found out firsthand, and comes with an Audio Technica AT-VM95E cartridge so he can enjoy his collection immediately.

Best for dads who love pizza: Ooni Koda 12



If your dad complains that pies and slices aren’t how they used to be, Ooni’s Koda 12 will allow him to make them to his exact specifications. This portable pizza oven can get up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit and cook personal-sized pizzas in roughly 60 seconds. Ooni has a wide range of pizza ovens, but we like the Koda 12 because of its size and the fact that its fuel source is gas, which is easier to manage and more reliable than wood or pellets for first-time pizzaiolos. Ooni’s oven can also be used to roast meat and vegetables on non-pizza nights. Just remember to get dad a pizza peel and Toque to complete the experience.

Best for dads with good taste: Terra Delyssa Organic Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

Has your dad continued to tell food stories from his trip around the Mediterranean right out of college? If so, Terra Delyssa’s flavor-infused olive oil can help take him back to those days. The olives are all harvested from Tunisian orchards rather than mixed with ones from different regions, which can impart a different taste. We like this gift set because each oil is infused with a different strong taste—rosemary, chili pepper, lemon, and garlic—which are all good for different applications. He’ll immediately be able to taste the difference, which means you may also be signing up for even more culinary stories from his past.

Best for dads who hunt: Epicurean Big Game and Butcher Cutting Board



A butchery board is essential for cutting, cleaning, or carving large cuts of meat or fish. We like Epicurean’s because it’s made sustainably, has a rim around the edge to catch juices before they get onto your countertop, and can be cleaned in a dishwasher—if yours is large enough. Despite the board’s large size—the smallest one is nearly two feet long—it weighs under six pounds. That weight is distributed evenly, so it’ll feel even lighter to hold using the board’s handle, which is perfectly centered. Any dad who regularly hunts or fishes will instantly recognize this board’s utility, and put it to work as soon as possible. If he likes to keep his gear in perfect condition, pick up a can of Epicurean’s Board Butter, which will keep his Butcher Board in tip-top shape.

Best for stylish dads: Highland Duds Weekender Short

Highland Duds


Add a little pop of color to your dad’s wardrobe with Highland Duds’ Weekender Shorts. The ultra-comfy summer-friendly short pants are mostly made of cotton and very comfortable to wear. Their slim pockets are surprisingly roomy, too. Highland Duds offers the shorts in khaki and grey if he’s less flashy. Help him complete an outfit with the Maverick Long Sleeve Shirt, made from the same materials.

Best for dads who crave comfort: TreeFleece Atlas Sweatpant



If your dad spends several hours a day sitting in front of a computer working, he deserves to be comfortable doing it. TenTree’s ultra-soft eco-friendly sweatpants are available in four colors, size sizes, and are made from an organic cotton blend featuring TENCEL™ Lyocell and recycled polyester. There’s even a back pocket, so he can carry his wallet around the house—or outside when running quick errands; we won’t judge. The only problem you’ll have after getting your dad a pair of these sweatpants is convincing him to wear anything else.

Best for dads who love denim: HNST Noos Relaxed-Fit Jeans



If your dad has been wearing the same pair of jeans since the Eagles’ first reunion tour (Google it), this is the upgrade he deserves. HNST’s Noos Relaxed-Fit Jeans come in a wide variety of sizes, so he’s guaranteed to get a perfect fit. The jeans are not only stylish, but made sustainably thanks to a construction process that requires significantly less water, no plastic fibers or coatings, and a lot less CO2. Even the jeans’ buttons—yes, no zippers here—were designed to be durable and replaceable. We guarantee these will not only become his favorite pair of jeans but one of the most coveted pieces in his wardrobe.

Best for dads who need new kicks: ECCO Men’s Street Lite Retro Sneaker



Does your dad need a new pair of shoes while trying to convince everyone the ones he’s wearing are “perfectly fine?” If the answer is yes, get him a pair of ECCO’s Men’s Street Lite Retro Sneakers. The shoes are available in 11 colorways and sizes between 5 and 13.5. Their all-leather construction screams class, as does their low-top style. A polyurethane sole provides grip, so he won’t accidentally slip while walking on wet surfaces. Speaking of water, ECCO developed a new leather-making process that requires 20 fewer liters compared to traditional manufacturing processes. Your dad might feel a little better about slipping on a new pair of shoes if he knows their environmental impact is lower than normal. And if your dad is a bit more about the impact of his foot on the Earth than his purchase, the ECCO Soft 7 City Sneaker offers top-notch cushioning in a stylish silhouette.

Best to help dad’s foot arches during his short game: AllBirds Men’s Golf Dashers



If your dad complains about walking from one hole to another, they’ll appreciate the cushioned midfoot and heel lockdown that stops foot cramps and blisters. This pair from AllBirds has no flashy logos or synthetic materials and is comfortable and stylish. Dad will also love the company’s variety of running shoes and sneakers for everyday life. The company itself is dedicated to sustainability, so you can feel good gifting them.  

To help your dad’s short game: Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls



Golf balls make a great gift because it’s hard to splurge on something you might whack way into the woods or chunk straight into a water hazard. Callaway’s Chrome Soft golf balls are versions of the balls pros play on tour—they won’t have to be a pro to play them. These balls promise a high launch angle, low spin off the driver, and high ball speed off the club face. In case you’re not big on golf ball specifics, those are all very helpful things for improving overall scores. The Triple Track design sports three parallel lines on the ball to help Pops lineup shots just right. Dad will think of you and your great gift as they reach into their bag and grab another ball after slicing one across the highway next to the first fairway. 

Best for dads who want to clean up their act: Tineco Pure ONE S11



If you have a dad who wants to take a more active role in household chores—or has been using the same vacuum since the mid-’90s—Tineco’s Pure One S11 is the upgrade he needs. The cordless stick vacuum can run up to 40 minutes per charge, and comes with various attachments for different scenarios. At 12 pounds, it’ll be easy for your dad to pick up and move around, and all of its controls are conveniently located within reach of his thumb. If dad enjoys his gadgets, he’ll enjoy the fact that the Pure One S11 can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi connection, allowing him to see how much battery is left on the vacuum and the state of its filter through an iOS or Android app.

Best for gamer dads: Nintendo Switch OLED Model

The Nintendo Switch is the least-powerful current-generation console, but it’s still the one we recommend for Father’s Day because of its hybrid design. The Switch can be played portably, and the 7-inch OLED HD screen really makes games pop. When dad’s home, they can connect it to a TV or projector to play on a larger screen. The Switch’s extreme popularity is matched only by its deep catalog of games, which can satisfy players regardless of their preferred genre. Whether Pops is playing games as a distraction on a long work trip or taking time to clear his backlog at home, there’s no way this gift will go unappreciated.

Best for handy dads: DeWalt Atomic 20V Max Hammer Drill



A drill is the type of gift a handy person will appreciate but never expect. This battery-powered model from DeWalt has a compact design but plenty of power for any indoor or outdoor housework. At only 2.5 pounds, a home improvement-minded dad can carry it around easily, and the drill’s LED will make it easy for them to see what he’s doing in dark environments. Despite its size, the drill can rotate up to 1,650 times per minute. A good drill will last a dad a lifetime, and if they’re still making do with a screwdriver—or a drill that needs to be plugged into an outlet for power—this upgrade will make him smile.

Best for dads who need an everyday carry: Gerber Gear Armbar Slim Drive



Power tools are great, but every dad won’t be able to use them everywhere, which is why you should equip him with Gerber’s Armbar Slim. The pocket-friendly multi-tool consists of a bottle opener, plain-edge blade, and a screwdriver. It even has a belt clip, so he can keep it securely fastened to the inside of his pants pocket like a boss. If your dad is the practical type, he’ll immediately see the utility of each of this tool’s functions and keep it on him at all times. The screwdriver alone (with a reversible bit, we might add) will likely save him a couple of trips to the garage each month.

Best for dads who want to work out but have to stay in: Hydrow Wave Rower

Jen McCaffery


You may not send your dad on a trip to the Charles River in Boston to relive his crew days for Father’s Day, but he can compete virtually whenever he likes with the Hydrow Wave Rower. This rowing machine is more compact than the original Hydrow Rower but doesn’t skimp on features. The 16-inch screen (and the $44 monthly membership) give you access to Olympic rowers’ wisdom and training. Dad will soon find himself virtually rowing in the fjords of Norway. He can take live classes and pit his stroke against rowers worldwide if he’s competitive. And when he needs to wind down, the membership also provides stretching, mobility, yoga, and other fitness offerings to round out his workouts. The Hydrow Wave Rower is on sale for $1,695, down from $1,895. If you prefer the original Hydrow Rower, that’s also on sale for $1,995 (down from $2,495). And it comes with Hydrow’s Polar Verity Sense Heart Rate Monitor and a machine mat.

Best for dads with a green thumb: Gardyn 2.0



Does dear old dad wait all year for the weather to be fair enough to grow a garden? With the Gardyn 2.0, they can enjoy growing fresh herbs and vegetables all year long. The indoor garden comes with an assortment of pods containing plant seeds. A water tank on the bottom keeps the plants hydrated, while LED strips provide them with enough light to flourish regardless of the weather conditions. The lights and water pump work automatically so that the plants will be cared for on a continuous basis without any need for much intervention. Dad will have to prune dead leaves and harvest their crops after they’re fully grown, but that’s part of the fun.

Best for dads who grill: Everdure FURNACE 3-Burner Gas Grill



If your dad been waiting months for grilling season, Everdure’s FURNACE 3-Burner Gas Grill is the ideal gift. The sleek-looking gas grill has a large cooking area, built-in temperature gauge, durable aluminum body, and up to 27,000 BTU of power. The grill is perched on top of a two-tiered wheeled stand, which is easy to move and has enough room for all your accessories. Each of the grill’s three burners can be controlled independently for perfect heating, while flame tamers below prevent unwanted flair-ups. This mix of aesthetics and performance will ensure your dad has the ideal grilling experience each time he turns it on. (And you can always take it up a notch next year with a pellet grill!)

Best for dads who crave a perfect picture: Samsung QN77S95CAFXZA



Sometimes a dad just wants a new TV to watch his favorite movies, shows, and sports. But if you want to blow his mind (and your own if he invites you over to watch the big game), spoil him rotten with Samsung’s QN77S95CAFXZA, a 77-inch OLED set. This is a no-compromise cream-of-the-crop 4K TV with built-in Dolby Atmos speakers, native 120Hz refresh rate, and a custom-designed processor that continually calibrates the TV to make it run as smoothly as possible. It’ll even upscale 1080P video to look crisp on a 4K TV, so his collection of Blu-rays and older TV shows will still look good. Because the QN77S95CAFXZA is an OLED TV, it offers incredible contrast and color reproduction, so videos and games will look as realistic as possible. One quirk about this TV is that it’s actually so thin that it can basically sit flush on the wall. The set gets connected to a separate box (called the One Connect Box), which has an assortment of HDMI ports and other inputs. There’s no performance hit for this system, but something to keep in mind if you’re setting the TV up for him. Whether he wants to play Xbox, PS5, stream blockbusters, or even listen to music in the background, the QN77S95CAFXZA is the best choice.

Best for dads who crave perfect sound: KEF LS50 Wireless II



CDs promised perfect sound forever in the 1980s, but we’ve since moved on to a world of streaming. However, that doesn’t mean your dad has to sacrifice a single detail of a favorite Yes, Dire Straits, or Eagles track. The KEF LS50 Wireless II network speakers not only achieve what CDs are capable of, but they go above and beyond to the pinnacle of digital audio enjoyment. These powered speakers sport a variety of connectors, including an AUX in, Ethernet port, coaxial input, optical audio input, and HDMI port, so you can still set up any ole physical source. Those ports are complemented by Bluetooth and WiFi/AirPlay 2/Roon/Spotify Connect support for direct wireless streaming. KEF says that the DAC in the LS50 Wireless II speakers can natively play 24-bit/384kHz audio files with no compression. Each speaker is driven by a 280-watt low-frequency amplifier and 100-watt high-frequency amplifier. If those numbers don’t mean much to you, here’s the upshot: music can sound really, really good and very, very loud through these speakers (especially if you pair them with the pint-sized but extremely potent KC62 subwoofer). If your father loves music more than most people (family excluded, of course), these speakers will rock (or jazz, R&B, hip-hop, classicial, reggae, and pop) his world. And if that college education dad invested tens of thousands into is paying off, you can truly get him back and blow his mind with the KEF LS60 floorstanding wireless system.

Best for Android-loving dads who need new earbuds: Galaxy Buds2 Pro



Maybe your dad doesn’t spend enough time at home to fully appreciate good speakers but still likes wants to enjoy his favorite playlists; if that’s the case, get him a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. These true wireless earbuds support active noise cancellation, 360-degree audio, and last up to eight hours per charge. A built-in microphone will allow your dad to take calls on the go, while the Buds2 Pros’ IPX7 durability rating will allow him to take runs in the rain without the risk of damage. None of this would matter if the Buds2 Pro didn’t sound great, but we promise they’ll be a sonic upgrade over the cheap earbuds he’s been rocking for years—and probably complaining about.

Best for music-loving dads who want something custom: V-Moda Headphones



If your dad wants a truly unique present, take advantage of V-Moda’s free customization service, which allows you to choose the color of its ear plates and add an engraving. The company offers this service on its Crossfade M-100 Master (pictured above), Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition, and Crossfade 3 Wireless edition headphones. The engraving is laser-etched, which means it won’t fade or peel off over time—if anything, a little patina might make the headphones look even cooler. Whether you choose a custom glyph, sentimental phrase, or important number, we’re sure your dad will appreciate having something nobody else does. Best of all, if you order before the end of June, customization is free!

Best for dads who love breakfast: Cuisinart WAF-F40 Double Flip Belgian Waffle Maker



Breakfast is considered by many to be the most important meal of the day, and Cuisinart’s WAF-F40 will turn waffles from an occasional brunch food at restaurants into an at-home staple. This model can cook two-inch-thick Belgian waffles simultaneously at one of five pre-set doneness levels. If the cook gets distracted, a loud beep will get his attention, so waffles will never get overdone. Getting two waffles onto a plate at once will allow dad (and you!) to start eating more quickly.

Best robot mower: Husqvarna Automower 415X Robotic Lawn Mower



Robotic lawnmowers seem like a perfect gift for a lazy pop. But, there are more practical reasons you might want to consider an automower as a gift this Father’s Day. Husqvarna’s surprisingly powerful little mower is great for people who have issues with mobility and can’t get out there to mow on their own. It’s also great for tricky yards as it can cut up to 40 degrees on a slope. If you’ve ever mowed on a steep hill like that, you know it’s not fun. It requires the installation of a guide wire to keep it contained within its own yard, but following setup, mowing is simple. A trio of extremely sharp blades can cut grass as short as 0.8 inches or as long as two inches if you want something more lush. Plus, an onboard object avoidance system means your dad (or grandad) won’t run over a rock and cause collateral damage.

Best for dads who tailgate: RTIC 52 Quart Ultra-Light Wheeled Hard Cooler



A wheeled hard cooler will help your old man get beverages to and from the parking lot, backyard, or beach without straining his arms or back. We like this cooler from RTIC because of its large capacity, thick wheels, lite weight, and overall performance. RTIC says it can retain ice for up to six days if its latches remain closed, which means he can use it for a backyard cookout on Sunday and keep drinks cold for a concert he’s attending the following Saturday. Another benefit to getting a cooler is that it’ll likely last a lifetime, so get ready for many compliments. We like the classic look of RTIC’s white cooler, but it also offers a red, white, and blue variant if he wants to stand out.

For dads who love the beach: Sunflow Beach Bundle



Whether your dad actually likes the beach or only goes because the rest of the family insists he’ll have a good time out of the house, this bundle from Sunflow will sort him out. It includes the company’s beach chair, which has a flip-over top to keep him in the shade, and a beverage cooler on the side to help keep his thirst quenched. The chair’s angle can be adjusted, so he can find the most comfortable spot, and a dry bag on the right side will keep his belongings from getting sandy. When heading back to the car or beach house, a pair of straps will allow dad to carry this beach chair like a backpack for easy transport.

Best outdoor accessory: Solo Stove Mesa

Solo Stove


We’re huge fans of the full-sized Solo Stove fire pits, but this mini version fits nicely on a patio table or by the pool. Despite its tiny size, the Mesa relies on Solo Stove’s signature airflow system to create a clean fire with almost no smoke. It starts quickly and cleans up easily, so you can fire it up and make s’mores whenever you want without having to wait for a full-sized fire to die down at the end of the night. Solo even sells miniature firewood specifically meant for use in the Mesa. It’s adorable, but not too adorable. The company has also launched a set of limited-edition Father’s Day cards, which are free with any purchase over $99.

For the aspiring drone enthusiasts: DJI Mini 2 SE



Getting started with drones can be tricky. Not only are they hard to fly, but most drones require registering with the FAA before taking to the skies. The DJI Mini 2 SE is different. It weighs just 249 grams, which fits conveniently under the FAA’s 250-gram limit for registration. Despite its being lightweight and a small size, the Mini 2 SE captures 2.7K video and employs an object avoidance system to keep it away from power lines or other hazardous obstacles. We love travel drones and think an adventurous dad will as well.

Best watch: Citizen Men’s Star Wars Eco-Drive with Stainless Steel Bracelet



Your dad’s a nerd, and that’s OK. In fact, we recommend you encourage their nerdy tendencies as much as possible. This Citizen watch is a full-on Eco-Drive model, so it doesn’t require winding. It draws enough energy from light in its environment to keep on ticking. The handsome stainless steel bracelet makes it totally appropriate for work or classy events. But, your pop can always look down and think about Star Wars while they’re wearing it. Find a more versatile piece of nerd merch than that. We dare you. 

Best of the cozy dad: Glerups Wool Slip-On Rubber



Wool in warm weather sounds counterintuitive, but it’s a self-regulating material—meaning your dad’s feet won’t be swampy while walking around the house. Wool also has natural anti-microbial properties, which equals no nasty smells. There are plenty of colors, sole varieties, and styles available—so every dad can finally get the perfect slipper they’ve sought after.

Best for the messy dad: Modular Closets Custom Modular Garage Organization System

Modular Closets


If your dad’s garage is more nightmarish than workspace-worthy, consider the gift of organization with a modular cabinet system from Modular Closets. The system is 20 parts in total, with plenty of cabinet options available. There are even nine options of butcher block lengths to choose from—talk about customizable.

Best for the plant dad: Bromeliad Collection



If your dad has gotten really, really, really into plants once the kids have flown the coop and they are one step from becoming The Orchid Thieves themselves, consider pulling them from the brink of plant-based madness with these colorful bromeliads from Bloomscape. These plants aren’t fussy (if that green thumb is more of a death knell) and yield long-lasting blooms (to give them planty serotonin), making them an easy and bright addition to the nursery.

Final thoughts on the best Father’s Day gifts

You don’t need to sweat over finding a cool gift for your dad this year. If you get him a Father’s Day gift that he’ll be able to use long-term—or, even better, something he can use with the whole family—it’ll be something he treasures. Consider it a success if you find fun presents that complement one of his hobbies or unique gifts that spark interest in a new pastime. And using this gift guide should help narrow down the best options for cool gifts for any and every dad.