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House plants can quickly become an obsession. What starts out as a pot here or there can rapidly become an at-home garden center. If you or a loved one knows—or is—a plant lover, you may find yourself stressed around the holidays, unsure of what more they could possibly use. Luckily for you, the world of plants and plant-adjacent products offers a seemingly endless array of options. Here are our picks for the best gifts to help, well, grow the enthusiasm and tool shed of would-be plant parents, seasoned growers, and everyone in between.

For precision pruning: Gonicc Professional Bonsai Scissors



Plants need occasional tough love, and that includes chopping your plant babies back every once in a while. These thin-bladed shears give you the precision to snip your plants right where you want to without mangling the stems. Since they’re made for the precise art of shaping bonsais, you can rest assured that they will fit the needs of even your most particular plants. Carbon steel construction makes them strong and durable, but make sure to wipe them and store them inside to maximize longevity.

For watering in style: HB Design Company Indoor Watering Can

HB Design


This isn’t your grandma’s rusty watering can (though that’s pretty cool, too). This quart-sized can nestles right next to your plants, waiting for its next use without taking up too much extra space. You can buy this stainless steel container in white, black, or copper to match your friend’s design preferences. And its long spout makes it ideal for precisely targeting dry soil, keeping water focused on the roots, not the floor or leaves.

For the data-obsessed grower: Wanfei Plant Monitor



Plants can’t outwardly tell us what they need, at least not through words, so caring for them requires a lot of guesswork. With this plant sensor, you can give the gift of a little more certainty. Stick the sensor in the soil, connect it to an app, add a plant’s information, and it’s ready to track. This Bluetooth plant monitor will check the nutrient levels and moisture of the soil, as well as the surrounding temperature and amount of light. Then, the sensor will alert the user if anything drops below optimal levels, allowing the plant to be tended to meticulously.

For creating a veritable jungle: Levoit Smart Cool Mist Humidifier



We may not realize how dry our homes get, but plants sure do. This Levoit humidifier will help provide a taste of the jungle-like humidity many plants need. Every day, this humidifier releases 3 liters of water into the air and automatically shuts off when it runs out. It can be filled directly from the top, which means no awkward trips to the bathtub to top it off, and it can be remotely turned off via a smartphone app. If you want to get really precise, this system can aim for a target humidity to make finicky houseplants feel right at home.

For creating a miniature jungle: YINGJEE Mini Cactus Humidifier



If you care more about looks or just have a smaller space, this cactus humidifier can get the job done, too. This quiet cactus charges via USB and also functions as a night light. Since it’s so small, it can blend right into any plant setup.

For the forgetful: Costa Farms ZZ Plant

Costa Farms


Maybe the only thing that could kill a ZZ plant is too much care, making this beauty the perfect fit for any aspirational plant lover who worries they’re more of a gardening grim reaper. This plant thrives in indirect light, so no worries if there are no south-facing windows around, and it can tolerate long periods of drought. In other words, you can set it and forget it, at least for a couple of weeks. This particular ZZ comes pre-planted in a large pot for even less effort and can make a beautiful green statement in any home.

For the sun-starved: Soltech Large White Aspect LED Grow Light



Plant parenthood 101: plants need light to grow. Even “low-light” plants require sufficient illumination to keep photosynthesis flowing. But the truth is, unless you happen to live in a greenhouse, some areas of your home probably get a lot less light than plants are used to in the wild. That’s where grow lights come in. Ideally, a grow light will mimic natural sunlight as closely as possible, and this one gets fairly close. Natural light has a color rendering index rating of 100, so the closer a light can get to that, the better for plants, and this light is at 97. Plus, this light offers a more stylish design than many of the most popular grow lights on the market. The light itself is sleek and modern, while the light it produces is a pleasant white, unlike the purples and pinks of a lot of grow lights out there. This Soltech aspect light can be raised or lowered to ensure plants of all light needs get the pseudo-sun they crave.

For dark apartments or houses: Solatmos Metal Plant Stand with Grow Lights



And for your friend whose plants are craving some individual attention, try this stand with built-in grow lights. It’s also just a nice aesthetic display for your burgeoning family.

For the art lover: Modern Sprout Grow Frame

Modern Sprout


You don’t have to be Vincent van Gogh to paint your walls with color, you just have to take care of some plants and mount this steel frame to a wall. Help someone treat their plants like the works of art they are by gifting them these grow frames by Modern Sprout. Equipped with LED grow lights and a timer, plants will thrive in these frames, even if they’re on a dimly lit wall. 

For someone with plant baby fever: Virtune Small Succulent Pots



Indoor plants deserve a solid pot that will keep in the dirt and protect shelves and floors from moisture. Whether covering up nursery pots, preventing water from running all over your house, or just looking cute, a solid pot can elevate a plant and make them even cuter to place around a home. This two-tiered pot is the perfect way to free up some counter space or proudly display a successful propagation next to its mother plant.

For performing plant miracles: Flying Pig Hanging Plant Holder

Flying Pig


Hanging pots are especially great for freeing up space. And if your friend always said they’d be able to keep a plant alive when pigs fly, well, here’s a way to call them on that.

For a ‘70s aesthetic: SCADINORDICA Disco Ball Planter



When plant fever and disco fever combine, the result is totally groovy. This hanging planter is a great statement piece for anyone who has a, well, ball, nurturing their plants. It comes in both six- and eight-inch sizes depending on the size of the plant going inside.

For those with no yard: N/C Square Meter Plant Repotting Mat

N/C Square Meter


Potting or repotting is, well, dirty work. This waterproof transplanting mat keeps soil and water from going everywhere while making clean-up quick. Plus, the mat fits great in the trunk of a car, which can make trips from the local plant nursery a lot less stress-inducing when your new plant friend inevitably tips over.

For a botanical intervention: Plant Life Support Automatic Watering System

Bubblegum Stuff


Okay, things happen. Sometimes we might forget to water a plant for a couple of days, weeks, or months, and it might need a little TLC and consistency to come back to life. This plant life support kit comes with a 350ml bag and stake set to give neglected plants the lifeline they may need. Just hang the IV bag, connect the dripper to the soil, and set the flow regulator to give a withering plant consistent fluids. And if water isn’t enough to save a neglected plant, you might need to get a second opinion or run some more tests.

For lazy waterers: Jucoan Plant Self-Watering Globes



If overtly suggesting that your friend is a ruthless plant murderer isn’t what you’re going for, these water globes can also do the trick. These glass garden friends can keep soil moist for up to three weeks, giving even your most forgetful plant-loving friend some much-needed grace.

For the serial propagator: Mkono Plant Propagation Tubes



Successfully creating new houseplant life is something to be proud of—so display it! This propagation station has no shortage of spots for cuttings to root in water. The setup comes in three different wood stains with 15 spots for plant babies to be shown off until they get big enough to plant in a bigger pot or the ground.

For expanding the jungle: Besgrow Spagmoss Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss



The best gift for a plant lover: more plants. Cut your own plants right below the node, package them up in a moisture-retaining material like some sphagnum moss or a wet paper towel, wrap them up in cling wrap, add a little bow, and voila—a bouquet of cuttings ready to propagate into more leafy little ones. 

For those bugged by insects: Grow Margo Yellow Sticky Trap for Indoor Gnats

Grow Margo


It’s all fun and games in plant parenthood until you spot the dreaded fungus gnat. But these sticky traps can rid you of some of your insect woes. Just pop the trap right in the soil like a stake, and wait for gnats to be attracted to the bright yellow sticky trap. Although the yellow might be a bit bright, these traps are shaped like monstera leaves, making them a little less of an eye-sore than the usual sticky traps. Plus, they come in a pack of 30, so they can be used until all the gnats are gone. 

For those who love fresh veggies: Gardyn 2.0 Hydroponics Growing System



For someone who’s into eating their plant babies, not just looking at them, an indoor gardening setup might be just what they’re looking for. Although the entire structure takes up only two square feet, the Gardyn 2.0 hydroponics growing system can grow 30 plants at once and looks beautiful in the process. And the results will taste even sweeter. With the accompanying app, the system will tell you when it needs maintenance and when your plants are at their peak, and can even slow down the growth of your plants while you’re away on vacation. It’s kind of like having an AI gardener tend to your crops 24/7. 

For when you’ve got less green to grow greens: SereneLife Smart Starter Kit 



But not all of us have five vertical feet of space, not hundreds of dollars, to dedicate to gardening indoors. If that’s the case, try a smaller countertop version to grow a few small plants at a time.

For someone with green thumbs and blue toes: Plants Get Me Blue Q Women’s Ankle Socks

Blue Q


Just because you’re focused on giving your plants just the right amount of sunshine doesn’t mean you should neglect your own chilly feet. These cotton and nylon socks let any plant-lover express their passion outside of their house. When the world gets busy, and you desperately wish you were lounging in your houseplant jungle, these socks can remind you of your foliaged friends back home and keep you warm in the process. Socks make great gifts.