Adam Douglas

Adam Douglas

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Adam Douglas is a freelance writer. His focus includes audio production-related technology, music with a special emphasis on electronic and dance, and Japanese culture, bringing together the three main obsessions of his life. He started at Popular Science in 2021. He lives in Nagoya, Japan, with his wife, six rats, and more synthesizers and drum machines than his wife would care to count.


  • Longtime electronic musician with a particular obsessional bent for hardware
  • Enjoys tracing the dots between music technology and the wider culture
  • Has the honor to have written for Popular Science, Attack Magazine, Computer Music, MusicTech,, Roland Articles,


Adam got his editorial start in 1996 as a launch editor for a little website called, now one of the largest video game and entertainment portals on the planet. After relocating to Japan in 2012, he started freelancing for a variety of music technology-based publications. His work as a writer for hire has seen him cover all aspects of music production and composition, from analyzing the arrangement of Aphex Twin to turning your DAW into a Karplus-Strong synthesis generator. He has also delved into how technology affects the wider world with features on how Japanese culture has impacted dance music and the rise of Twitch as the streaming platform of choice for DJs. He has been releasing his own music under a variety of names and genres since 1993 but he’s sure you’ve never heard of him.


Adam graduated summa cum laude from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in Japanese.

Favorite weird science fact

Rats will choose to save a friend in distress over self-gratification. Anyone who has spent time with these beautiful and misunderstood creatures will already know this to be true but it’s nice to have the scientific proof.

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