Markkus Rovito

Markkus Rovito

Contributor, Reviews

Markkus Rovito is a writer, editor, and media producer with more than two decades of experience covering music-creation, pro and consumer audio, home theater, computing, and other technology. He is a lifelong drummer, part-time DJ, and, when sleep is not required, an electronic music producer working out of The Urban Hermitage in San Francisco, Calif.



  • Technology media pro most thoroughly preoccupied with music, audio, and the people and things that create them.
  • Enthusiast of regenerative and/or zero-waste systems, the circular economy, and the hivemind. 
  • Former staffer at: Electronic Musician, Maximum PC, DJ Tech Tools, E-Gear, Remix


Like a baby seal clinging to a shrinking iceberg, Markkus has managed to survive in the narrow cross-section of audio-tech geekdom and literary nerdiness. He’s worked on staff at Electronic Musician, Maximum PC, DJ Tech Tools, Maximum Tech, Keyboard, E-Gear, and Remix, as well as contributed to Mix, MusicTech, Gearspace, and other fine outlets. Markkus’s synthesizer obsession has ranged from a financial liability to a balanced appreciation. He can tell you both how to set up a home recording studio and the reasons why you probably shouldn’t.

After many years as a full-time editor in the music technology and consumer electronics spaces, he joined the Autodesk Redshift publication as a contributing editor, branching out into the architecture, construction, and manufacturing technology that makes the modern world run. The award-winning Redshift team tells the stories of companies large and small that attempt to do more with less and make a world that works for everyone.


Markkus attended the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, earning a degree in Magazine Journalism. His scribblings on music and movies as a staff writer for the independent student newspaper, The Post, helped broke students figure out what to do over the weekend with the money they got from selling their plasma.

Favorite weird science fact

Human beings are great apes and are connected by genomics to all earthly life.

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