Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Contributor, Reviews

Sarah Jones is a Bay Area-based writer and musician who has been chronicling the creative and technical forces driving the music industry for 25 years. She’s served as Editor-in-Chief of Mix, EQ, and Electronic Musician magazines and was the live sound editor at Live Design magazine; her articles have also appeared in GearspaceKeyboard, and Berklee Today, as well as on



In addition to contributing to both trade and consumer publications, Sarah produces content for professional audio brands like JBL, Auto-Tune, AKG, Soundcraft, Polk Audio, and Definitive Technologies and is the architecture, engineering, and construction section editor at Redshift, Autodesk’s magazine about the future of making things.

A passionate industry advocate, she recently completed her 11th year as an elected governor of the San Francisco chapter of the Recording Academy and was Associate Director of Women’s Audio Mission, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the recording arts.

Her book, Assistant Engineer Handbook: Gigs In the Recording Studio and Beyond, has been required coursework at Berklee College of Music and Wichita State University.

Sarah can often be found interviewing artists on the Grammy red carpet, moderating panels at pro audio tradeshows, or performing in a flute-and-guitar duo at wineries in the Sierra foothills of Northern California.


Sarah holds Bachelor of Music degrees in Sound Recording Technology and Music Business from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She’s a longtime member of the Recording Academy and the Audio Engineering Society.

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