Carsen Joenk

Carsen Joenk

Contributor, Reviews

Carsen is a sound designer and freelance writer focusing on music and technology. She has been writing for Popular Science since early 2020, contributing product reviews and recommendations, with an emphasis on great sound you can take with you on the go. She lives in Brooklyn amongst a growing vinyl collection, exactly three plants, and a fridge full of popsicles. 


  • Passionate about inclusivity, accessibility, and education when it comes to science and technology, particularly in the world of audio. 
  • Freelance storyteller, writer, and sound designer with a vested interest in experimentation and collaboration.
  • Joined the PopSci team in 2020, expanding ever since. 



Carsen is a creator and story teller with experience in film, theater, podcasts, and apps. She is passionate about audio in all its forms with a focus on experimental sound design. Her work has been seen at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the Jewish Museum of Maryland, and more. A theatre kid at heart, she has designed and assisted on over 40 plays including works at Manhattan Theatre Club, Juilliard, Weston Playhouse, Irish Repertory Theatre, New York University, and an endless number of Fringe festivals.

Carsen writes enthusiastically about accessible, every day sonic needs including Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and recording equipment. Aside from audio, she loves outdoor sports, Russian literature, reality television, and presents, which has led to a subsequent fondness for writing detailed gift guides.


Carsen graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with a focus in comparative literature and directing.

Favorite weird science fact:

No one knows where eels come from; seriously, no one knows how they reproduce.

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