Chris Coke

Chris Coke

Contributor, Reviews

Chris Coke specializes in the nuanced world of personal computing, whether it’s reviewing a laptop or sharing the best mechanical keyboard for your gaming PC. He began writing about consumer technology and video games professionally in 2013 for sites such as Tom’s Hardware, IGN, Reviewed, PC Perspective, and At Popular Science, Chris covers a wide range of tech and buying guides, helping readers improve their lives through technology.


  • Experienced technology critic.
  • Has expertise in a wide range of tech, from mechanical keyboards to smartphones, all the way to headphones and true wireless earbuds.
  • A regular contributor to leading industry publications, including IGN, Tom’s Hardware, Reviewed, and, of course, Popular Science.
  • Dedicated to honesty, transparency, and helping every reader find the best tech for their particular needs.


Since 2021, Chris has worked with Popular Science’s reviews team as a technology expert, specializing in personal computing. He’s been working as a technology critic since starting a personal blog in 2009. He began contributing to in 2013. By 2015, he became the site’s Hardware and Technology Editor, a position he still holds today. His next milestone was becoming a regular contributor to PC Perspective, one of the most classic computing websites of its generation, formerly headed by Ryan Shrout (now of Intel). Since that time, Chris has been a regular contributor to IGN, Tom’s Hardware, Reviewed, and now Popular Science.

During his time in the field, Chris has specialized in a number of areas generally revolving around gaming and personal computing, but has also developed a passion for audio equipment. Between 2021 and 2022, he was the lead graphics card reviewer at IGN, covering dozens of cards from both AMD and Nvidia, as well as a wide array of peripherals and gaming laptops. At Tom’s Hardware, he has specialized in mechanical keyboards. At MMORPG, Chris built the tech coverage from the ground up, including peripherals, systems, and even tertiary products like 3D printers, alongside his small team of dedicated writers. From the occasional review once or twice a year, under Chris’ leadership, MMORPG now produces 150-200 dedicated reviews annually, making tech coverage a core aspect of the site.

A jack of many trades, Chris loves sharing his passion for tech with the world. The only thing better than enjoying a piece of new tech is helping others enjoy it just as much.


Chris graduated from the University at Brockport in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a certification to teach grades 1-6. In 2014, he graduated with a Masters of Science in Education, specializing in Childhood Literacy in the same age range.

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