Chelsea Frank


Chelsea Frank has been a freelance writer for nearly 10 years. She covers beauty, lifestyle, fashion, travel, health, and wellness with bylines on Uproxx, TripSavvy, Beachbody, Shape, Popular Science, and Thrillist, among others.

She’s also an accomplished comedy writer and host of Globe Thotting with Chelsea Frank, which was recently named “Top Travel Podcasts of 2022” by Uproxx.

Her on-camera work has helped her learn about what products look great on film and in photos, reduce shine, and won’t cause that dreaded flashback!


  • NYU Graduate
  • Star of “Palm Swings” which won “Best Dark Comedy Short” and “Best LGBTQ Short” at the Independent Shorts Awards, as well as awards at IndieX Film Festival.
  • Her travel and comedy podcast was named “Top Travel Podcasts of 2022” by Uproxx.
  • Chelsea has written for comedians, as well as consulted on film and television scripts.


Chelsea is a TV comedy writer and freelance writer for tons of online publications, including Uproxx, TripSavvy, Popular Science, and now Brides!

Her travel and comedy podcast “Globe Thotting with Chelsea Frank” was named “Top Travel Podcasts of 2022” by Uproxx. Chelsea and her celebrity guests cover all things travel, leisure, personal experiences, thirst traps, and, of course, the best travel products for beauty, skincare, fashion, etc.

Chelsea has been a contributor for Beachbody and Openfit for 5 years, focusing on wellness, clean beauty, health, and product reviews. With a huge emphasis on “clean brands” that are free of harsh chemicals, she’s done extensive research on beauty products that are good for you and the planet!

As a nice Jewish girl, Chelsea is proud of her major “Jew Fro” and is always searching for new amazing curly hair products that keep the frizz at bay and the locks looking luscious!

She’s also currently planning her own destination wedding. That means she and her anxiety are in this with you, Brides! She’s in all the Facebook Groups, scouring Reddit, and chatting up anyone with a ring on their finger for insider tips!


Chelsea earned a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from New York University. She studied abroad at NYU Florence and NYU Berlin. She also followed a DJ to Denmark, which probably provided more life education than anything she learned in college.

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