Best Decorative Garlands

Decorative garland designs are some of the best ideas for your home and garden. They create a warm and friendly atmosphere at any place or occasion. These garlands are easy to create in your garden or yard using a variety of different tools. Some of these tools include:

Vintage Style Garlands: The most classic and traditional type of decorative garland includes small, round wooden beads strung together. They look great on stair railings and other straight lines in your garden. They generally are 9 feet long. You can easily hang or wrap them around wreaths, windows, doors, tables, and other decors in your garden. For a more modern look, use metal or plastic garlands instead of the round ones.

Lighted Garlands: Lighted decorative garlands are perfect for both inside and outside use. They provide a festive feel with the different colors that light up the evening. You can choose from an assortment of different colored lights such as green, blue, red, yellow, purple and more. Use this type of decorative tool on your walkway, stairs, patio, or even at the top of your Christmas tree.

Decking: Decorative garlands look wonderful decorating your deck, patio, and walkway during the holidays. Place them at the top of your Christmas tree or decorate the walls of your deck with them. For a more casual look, use lighted garlands on the stairs, sidewalk, or patio. Use a variety of colors for the deck and yard area including multi-colored strands of shiny beads or colored lights.  You can get more information about Expensive best decorative garlands for hallway

Stair Rail: Decorative garlands look great decorating your stairs, railing, entrance ways, or any place that you want to add a decorative touch to. Decorate your stairs with one long strand or several shorter ones. The length you choose depends on the amount of space available. Decorating your stairs with a garland is easy since they can be hung from your existing stair rail. Just attach them securely to your railing and you’re done!

LED Garlands: Decorative garlands look nice when added to a lighted stair rail. Using a series of LED lights, you can add warmth to the cold nights of winter. These garlands can be purchased in various colors and patterns to compliment your home. LED garlands make fantastic additions to decks, patios, porches, and any place you would like to enhance your home decor with lights. There are even LED garlands available in animal shapes such as dogs and cats. Whether for use as a lighted display on a deck or hanging from your stair rail, these decorative garlands are a great way to bring color and life to your space!

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